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Oggi 5355 4-Piece Locking Acrylic Canister Set with Spoons

Oggi 5355 4-Piece Locking Acrylic Canister Set with Spoons
This Oggi canister set is a must-have. Each canister includes a small spoon so you can easily scoop out your dry goods. Store popcorn, cereal, sugar and so much more in this Oggi 4-piece canister set. Sizes include: 22oz, 26 oz., 51 oz. and 65 oz.
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(Kitchen storage system) Felli®classic round airtight canister with loc

(Kitchen storage system) Felli®classic round airtight canister with locking clamp. 4
Honors and Awards Felli Acrylic Airtight Canister, we create the first and best acrylic canister with locking clamp in the world. Have been sold more than 30 million pcs since 1985 over the world by Felli. 100 size available, in 40 different shapes for all purpose use. We have a size to fit all your storage needs. Quality assurance, Well worth it's value. Features (1)Easy operation, open and close. (2)BPA Free. (3)Break resistant and hatterproof (4)With locking clamp. (5)100% silicone gasket, tight seal that makes them airtight (6)Practical jumbo size (7)Space saving round shape. (8) Crystal Clear Acrylic. Modern simple, clean look. Specifications(1)Brand Name: Felli (2)Material: High quality BPA-free plastic + chrome locking clamp+silicone gasket.(3) Size : 4'' W x 6"H x 4'' D (4)Capacity : 0.7 L/24oz DescriptionStorage and organization just got easier. Constructed from BPA-free and shatterproof materials, these sleek canisters feature locking clamp lids that can keep dry food such as cookies, flour, pasta, tea and coffee neat and fresh. Patented worldwide. Easy to transport, ideal for outdoor parties. It offers a chrome locking clamp with a silicone gasket so your food will stay fresh. Multi function. Plus you can use it as a handy and stylish container for organizing cabinets or a child's room at home. They are nice to look at and keep ingredients air tight. Recommend hand-washing. Warranty One-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. (Kitchen storage system) Felli®classic round airtight canister with locking clamp. 4"x 4" x 6". Practical size, tight seal (24 oz/0.7L). BPA Free. Spice storage container. Shatterproof.(U01003001)
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32pc Airtight Snap Lock Lid Food Container Storage Set BPA-Free Microwav

32pc Airtight Snap Lock Lid Food Container Storage Set BPA-Free Microwave Safe
Each of the 16 storage container lids features 4 snap latches, creating an airtight seal to lock in freshness. And with 4 varying sizes you'll find the right space saver every time. These are microwave and dishwasher safe, so you can easily store, heat-up and go. Plus, when they're not in use, they nest perfectly together for limited cupboard space. You will receive 16 containers total (with 16 lids) in 4 sizes of 4 each. 8 of the lids are rimmed in blue and 8 are in green. Get yourself an airtight upgrade today!
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Snapware 1022 32-Ounce Square-Grip Canister

Snapware 1022 32-Ounce Square-Grip Canister
Our wondrously clear Rectangular Snapware Containers hold kitchen staples like flour, sugar, rice, coffee, or tea beautifully on the counter or in the pantry. Made of shatter-proof, Flexiglass plastic, these containers won't stain or absorb odors. They're refrigerator and freezer safe and are recommended for dry food storage only. The lid is the outstanding feature of a Snapware Container. It's easy to open, has a wide circumference to accommodate scoops, locks in the open position for accident-free pouring, and has an airtight silicone seal to preserve food freshness and flavor. In fact, the lid has a patented design that seals around the silicone gasket from above and below to prevent any transfer of air or moisture, either in or out of the canister. The result is a seal so complete, potato chips left in a Snapware for year were as fresh as the day they came out of the bag.
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6-Piece Set - Air Tight Plastic BPA Free Square Food Storage Containers

6-Piece Set - Air Tight Plastic BPA Free Square Food Storage Containers Nested with Spill Proof Leak Proof Locking Lids - Assorted Colors
6-Piece Set Includes: 3 Square Plastic Storage Containers, 64oz. 29oz. 12oz. and 3 Matching Lids, Excellent airtight and watertight LEAK PROOF container with Patented 4-hinge locking system with silicone sealing ring, Safe to Use in Refrigerator, Freezer, Dishwasher, and Microwave Safe without Lids, Made from highest quality BPA Free material for strong durability and safety, Great addition to the kitchen.
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OXO Good Grips POP Rectangle 1-1/2-Quart Storage Container

OXO Good Grips POP Rectangle 1-1 2-Quart Storage Container
OXO POP Containers - exploring the "POP-abilities." For generations, people everywhere used round storage canisters to keep dry ingredients (like flour, sugar, coffee and pasta) fresh. Round canisters were believed to be simpler for brands to manufacture and easier for users to seal. OXO challenged the norm with its line of POP Containers, proving to consumers they can have the total package: easy-to-open, airtight and space-efficient dry food storage containers. Problems Identified Inefficient use of space: While using round containers, users lost valuable pantry space when stacking them next to one another. Difficult to Open: For many airtight containers, users needed significant hand strength to open and close the lids and achieve an airtight seal. Troublesome to Clean: Lids on airtight containers are difficult to take apart for cleaning. The Process Square peg: The team was well aware that it is easier to achieve an airtight seal with a round shape, because there is an equal distribution of force when closing the lid. On the other hand, it is difficult to apply even pressure on corners of square-shaped lids. Engineers on the POP Container project devised a "pop-up" mechanism that would raise and lower the gasket in the lid evenly to solve this problem. Push of a button: The idea for a push-button to open and close the lids was borrowed from user research conducted while developing OXO's Salad Spinner and Travel Mug. With both, the team quickly learned that people inherently enjoy the action of pressing down on a button. Not only is it fun, but it enables users not to have to use two hands and gives a sense of satisfaction that something is working. It's what's inside: Adding a lid that comes apart for cleaning brought complexity to the project, but as the team watched users interact with prototypes it was clear they wondered what could get caught inside. Right away, the team knew it was an essential feature not to be left out. OXO's Solutions Stackable and space-efficient: POP Containers are available in square and rectangular shapes to make the most of any storage space. When sealed, the lids are flat to encourage modular stacking. One-handed operation: POP's unique push-button mechanism makes it a cinch to open and close and the button acts as a handle to lift the lid, offering a one-handed solution for storing foods. Users with dexterity problems such as arthritis can open POP Containers without even bending their fingers. Easy-to-clean: The lid twists apart with a simple 90-degree turn to get inside all the nooks and crannies, while smooth edges on the body keep food from getting trapped, making it easy to achieve a thorough clean. The OXO Story In 1990, OXO staged a revolution (of sorts) by offering an easy-to-use, high-performing alternative to uncomfortable and ineffective kitchen gadgets. OXO's innovative take on the traditional Swivel Peeler, complete with its pudgy black handle, raised consumers' expectations of what could be expected from household products. Today OXO offers over 800 products, each developed with a close (some might say "obsessive") attention to detail. Our goal is to deliver products that maximize comfort AND performance, illustrating our mission to create innovative consumer products that make everyday living easier. Ever wonder what makes an OXO product an "OXO Product"? OXO employees believe there are two rules that should guide product development: First, every new product must deliver a significant improvement over the status quo. Second, the functionality should never be sacrificed to make the product more attractive - above all it should work well.
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Planetary Design 32 Oz Chrome Canister Airscape

Planetary Design 32 Oz Chrome Canister Airscape
KAC509 Features: -Canister airscape.-Valve forces air out, then locks lid in place.-Top lid is clear to easily see contents inside.-Capacity: 32 Ounce. Construction: -Durable construction resists staining as well as odor and taste transfer. Color/Finish: -Material: Restaurant grade 18/8 stainless steel with an enamel finish.-Color: Chrome. Dimensions: -4'' H x 5'' W x 4'' D, 0.8 lb.
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Lock & Lock HPL822R Airtight Food Storage Container Cracker or Bread

Lock & Lock HPL822R Airtight Food Storage Container Cracker or Bread Keeper Tall Rectangle 4 L - 135 oz - 16.75 Cup (Purple)
These great Lock & Lock food containers are made of high grade, durable polypropylene plastic and are 100% air- and water-tight . They have a special silicone sealing ring that works to keep your items fresh and secure. The patented, ergonomic design utilizes 4 easy snap latches that are easy to use and lock in freshness. There are many uses for these containers. Perfect for crackers or bread, they meet FDA standards for food storage and are completely odor proof and stain resistant. The nifty styling and sizes make these airtight food storage containers perfect for storing so much more than food! Great for craft and sewing supplies, home office supplies, garage hardware, camping, first aid and so much more. They are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.
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Glasson by Glasslock BPA Free Glass Container, UV Sunblock - 60oz Canist

Glasson by Glasslock BPA Free Glass Container - UV Sunblock - 60oz Canister - Eco Friendly - Scratch - Stain and Odor Resistant Built for Durability-100% Airtight - Waterproof Food Storage Container in Green (11
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4-Piece Square Airtight Glass Canister and Spice Jar Set with Stainless

4-Piece Square Airtight Glass Canister and Spice Jar Set with Stainless Steel Lids
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